Worldwide Help Alliance Team, Inc.

At, we understand that to change the world, we must become a motivational voice. Since our founding in 2017, we have doggedly worked to make our voice heard. We have no illusions of becoming a motivational force overnight. Our short-term goal is to continue to make noise about the important issues,'s board has selected to focus on. Eventually, if we work hard, we will make a difference in the world. 


We believe our unique programs should generate a buzz in the communities with whom we plan to connect. Our team's fresh ideas come from a passion to serve a worldwide community. That's why our programmatic endeavors differ from main stream non-governmental organizations. The Worldwide Help Alliance Team plans to help find solutions to the issues that we are working to change. Issues including bringing oversight to the hotline industry, educating the public about Post Intensive Care Syndrome, and playing an integral role in stomping out tobacco manufacturing and political relationships with big tobacco.

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America's Hotline Directory
National Hotline Volunteers Month
StompOut Tobacco Programs & Divisions

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