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Worldwide Help Alliance Team, Inc. ["what.NGO"] is a 501(c) (3) Nonprofit Corporation

We are home to many projects designed to educate people around the world about important health issues. 


We select our projects based upon the following factors:

I. A national or worldwide issue of concern exists;

II. We build projects that directly address that issue; and/or,


III. We can offer expert technology services to other nonprofit agencies already addressing that issue 

4Help Hotline Directory

what.NGO Projects

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V.  StompOut Tobacco
VI.  PostICU
VII.  AfterICU

About Us

About what.NGO

what.NGO Mission

Our mission is to inform and educate people about select important issues facing the denizens of the world. To accomplish our mission, we believe we must carve out a niche that permits us to grow our presence and to become a motivational voice. 


We believe that for our small agency's voice to be heard, we must roll out unique and engaging projects. That is why since 2017, what.NGO has doggedly worked to invent exciting projects, that are different than conventional nonprofit agency projects.

We have no illusions of becoming a motivational voice overnight. However, when our projects strike a chord, and generate a buzz our team's fresh ideas have the potential of serving a worldwide community.

what.NGO works not only to inform people about select issues, we also have established programs designed to improve the negative impact these Issues have on people, including: 


  • Bringing oversight to the hotline industry.

  • Educating the public about Post Intensive Care Syndrome; and,

  • Playing a role in stomping out tobacco manufacturing and political relationships with big tobacco.

Discounted Website & App Design & Development for Nonprofit Agencies

Website & App Development
Our Projects
We Provide Steep Discounts to Nonprofit Agencies that Need to Update Their Technology
Our mission is to build high quality, sustainable and economical technology solutions at steeply discounted pricing for deserving nonprofit agencies. We use the latest technology to convert nonprofits' specialized tech needs into advanced, well-built IT solutions. 

Nonprofit agencies seek our skills and experience for building a myriad of IT solutions, including:
Updated Technology Is Required to Best Serve People in Need
Click on any of the project areas listed about to learn more about the services that we provide.
Our Primary Area of Expertise is Assisting
Nonprofit Agencies with Their Telephonic Needs
Click on any of the above websites to view our active projects.

what.NGO Recent News

what.NGO News
Contact Us

Contact Us

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