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#4Help Volunteer Project

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Volunteer Project #1 relates to assigning our Outreach Team to connect with and requesting permission from the correct departments at colleges and high schools, permitting us to route our **Hotline phone number to select offices at their school.


We can route **Hotline to unlimited schools through geo-targeting and voice recognition. Creating a universally known and used shared phone number is to brand **Hotline as the number to call, no matter what campus, to reach essential on-campus programs. 

Volunteer Project #2 is a big push to update our online database of hotlines, helplines, and chat lines.

We also need help with ongoing projects, including:

1. Boots on ground volunteers - to visit hospital ICUs; and,

2. Virtual volunteers - to call hospital administration and others

3. Manager volunteers - to coordinate volunteers at their school and nearby schools.

Several projects require research, updating critical databases, social media content and design, and many others.

Our projects are updated all of the time. After we receive your application, we will provide you with a list.

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