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Hotline Directory

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The only database in the US with all hotlines, helplines, text chat, and web chat services added from scratch. We have chosen this mission because agencies with similar databases charge others to license their listings.


Our database is open source, and can be used for free by any nonprofit or school. We began building our database in March 2019, using only volunteers. By August 2022, we had close to 1,000,000 services, with detailed information about each service.

At latest count, we have 950,000 hotlines, helplines, and chat services listed in our database. Each hotline at has its own dynamic webpage, containing detailed information. We allow services to claim their pages and to update them.

Our agency is operated only by volunteers. We have no paid staff and no paid executives. ONLY 100% volunteers. Every volunteer is treated equally. If a volunteer wants to learn more or do more, then they can.

We have volunteers that work a few hours a week, and we have volunteers that work full time. There is room for ANYONE who wants to join our team. To learn more, please visit our Volunteer Team Page.

The hotline industry generates hundreds of millions of dollars in salaries for upper management and executives working for nonprofit agencies whose missions include the operation of hotlines, helplines, and chat lines. We believe that government and oversight, and industry based regulations are sorely missing from the hotline industry. We hope that over time, our work will position us to assist with what's needed to protect the integrity of the hotline industry.

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