Intensive Care Unit PTSD, Post Intensive Care Syndrome, PICS

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MyICU is an ongoing project blending the science behind post intensive care syndrome with the practical implications of PICS for former ICU patients and their families.


Our recent research shows that the financial implications of PICS far outweigh the medical consequences. Of course, for most former ICU patients, financial reality interferes with proper medical care.


We all know that, except for very few, most of us live week to week, struggling to keep up with the cost of living. PICS is a monkey wrench thrown into the lives of millions of people every year.


It is fair to opine that no one expects or plans to have PICS. That opinion isn't just because most people are unaware of PICS. It is because, if we take a practical, long look at PICS, we cannot help but conclude that money is the biggest impediment to receiving proper post ICU care.

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In addition to providing educational tools to former ICU patients, their caregivers & families, the medical community, and the public, PostICU believes that its role in the process of addressing the PICS major health crisis is to recruit as many members to join our 501(c)3 nonprofit agency.

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There is a woefully inadequate amount of information about PICS being communicated to the millions of former ICU patients, at least half of whom are suffering from PICS symptoms.  


We hope that this website will be a hub for accomplishing our mission to "get the word out" about PICS to as many of people as possible who are suffering from PICS.  We hope that you will join us in this effort.