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To provide easy to dial, free to use and memorable **Hotline phone numbers to deserving nonprofit and governmental hotlines at a steeply discounted price.


To work alongside the Hotline Directory, and to continue their mission of building a comprehensive, unbiased directory of of nonprofit, and governmental hotlines, helplines, and chat lines.

Several things make our hotline directory unique. Each hotline has a dedicated page they can claim and edit. Hotlines can add and update information about their services. Each page invites anonymous reviews and ratings from hotline users.

We are also collecting anonymous details about hotlines, from their volunteers and staff. This information will be valuable assets as we dive deep into researching the hotline industry. Our goal is to share as much information as possible to people searching for the hotline that best matches their needs.



Technology offered by **Mobile, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and T-Mobile has made it possible for us to provision **Hotlines to deserving nonprofit and governmental hotlines services. Branding **Hotlines, so that people in need can easily remember the phone numbers of the services that they want to call, opens the door for hotlines to help many more people than ever before.


By taking a leadership role in the hotline industry, and by the working together with one another, the wireless carriers set an example for corporate America. The Big 3 demonstrate that even businesses with opposing interests can work together for the betterment of society. Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and T-Mobile may fight for customers, but, they are showing corporate responsibility at the highest of levels.


**Hotlines would not be possible, unless the Big 3 agreed to share their technology to serve society. By working cooperatively, these titans of the wireless industry have made it possible for people in need of a hotline to call that hotline, from almost every cell phone in the country.

Also, **Hotlines thanks the Big 3 for making the needs of hotline callers their priority. We also thank **Mobile for sharing their advanced, proprietary technology with **Hotlines. Now, we can create and provision easy to remember **code phone numbers.


Having access to **Mobiles' new geo-routing technology allows us to share one **Hotlines phone number with multiple hotline providers. For example, providers of the same hotline service in one state can share the same **Hotline phone number with providers of the same hotline services in other states.


There are many state-based hotlines that provide a service that other providers provide in all 50 states. Instead of each state hotline service having its own phone number, they can now share the same **Hotline phone number. By state-based hotlines sharing one **Hotlines' phone number, people traveling from state to state will always know they can call the same **Hotline phone number to connect to the correct hotline service.

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