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Volunteer for what.NGO

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Volunteer Project #2 relates to getting approval from hospitals to distribute and organizing the placement of posters, brochures, and other related documentation at hospital intensive care units ("ICUs"). Our mission is to inform visitors and patients in hospital ICUs about symptoms and other information related to post intensive care syndrome ("PICS").

To facilitate our PostICU Mission, we have written an informative book detailing the history of PICS "Wake Up & Go Back To Sleep." Our book describes much of what caregivers and family members of ICU patients need to know about PICS. In addition, we have an "ICU Family Member Workbook" and a companion mobile app.

We designed the material in the book, workbook and mobile app to give former ICU patients and their families a better chance of improved outcomes following an ICU stay. Our workbook and mobile app have recommendations from critical care physicians and nurses found in up-to-date research, supplemented with guidance, through anecdotal information, from former ICU patients.

We have determined that the best way to put the books and mobile app in the hands of the people who need them is to place posters, brochures, and other informative documentation in ICU waiting rooms.

To facilitate an organized method for getting approval from hospital ICUs, we have set up an easy to apply volunteer signup system.

We need support from:

1. Boots on ground volunteers - to visit hospital ICUs; and,

2. Virtual volunteers - to call hospital administration and others

3. Manager volunteers - to coordinate volunteers at their school, and nearby schools.

what.NGO is always looking for volunteers. Whether you want to volunteer a few hours a week, or more, we need you. What.NGO usually emphasizes volunteer opportunities for specific projects.

Volunteer Project #1 relates to our assigning our Outreach Team connecting with and requesting permission from the correct departments at colleges and high schools, permitting us to route our #4Help (#44357) phone number to select offices at their school.


We can route #4Help to an unlimited amount of schools through geo-targeting and voice recognition. The purpose of create a universally known and used shared phone number is to brand #4Help as the number to call, no matter what campus, to reach essential on-campus programs. 

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